As Jeordie's brand, we set out to bring a new excitement, high quality and a beyond time fashion concept to the men's ready made clothing, in 2010. In this journey we set up our first foreign store with 100% Turkish capital and we have been operating in the Alta Shopping Center in Sarajevo city of Bosnia&Herzegovina in 2010 with Jeordie's brand operating under the roof of Meba Export and Retailing Limited Company. In the following years, we became a brand with a high quality understanding, a country-specific collection, unconditional customer satisfaction and a preference in the Balkan region with the principle of "Think Globally, Act Locally". We are rapidly growing with 27 stores in 4 countries, 5 in Serbia, 12 in Croatia, 9 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 1 in Slovenia.

  Towards the company's forward looking strategies, through our business partners we will meet with the franchising system in the countries that we are not located in the Balkan region or by opening stores in the company, we aim to reach a total of 80 stores by 2023. We will start to position as of 2020 in the UK, Germany, France and other European countries and continue to carry Jeordie's brand to different geographies. Our goal is to become one of the most important Turkish menswear brand established with its own capital.